Disability Rights and Resources

In Birmingham's Civil Rights District, we built a community-based advocacy center for those living with disabilities.

Project Overview

Architect Ronald L. Mace coined the term “Universal Design” to describe environments built with accessibility in mind, for people with and without disabilities. Disability Rights and Resources’ new headquarters in the heart of Birmingham’s Civil Rights District is the perfect example of the concept in action.

Formerly known as Independent Living Resources, DRR is a non-profit organization that provides community-based, non-residential services to people living with disabilities. Their new facility is fittingly located in the Civil Rights District of downtown Birmingham.

Each feature, including door openers, parking spaces, air conditioning, work stations, site selection and lighting was built with a focus on ease-of-use. The facility even offers a quiet room for those with stress disabilities. The result is a space that breeds community connectivity. We found that these principles of universal design make buildings better for us all.