Estes, Sanders & Williams

Recycled materials throughout the entire site makes the law offices of Estes, Sanders & Williams stand out from their peers.

Project Overview
Who said an attorney’s office has to look like an attorney’s office? This new structure challenges stuffy associations, replacing dark wood with bright light, natural materials and plenty of space for socializing.

As always, our goal is to work with the environment and not against it. For Estes, Sanders and Williams, that meant understanding their business, values and the expectations they had for their new facility.

Taking care to preserve native trees, we worked tirelessly on soil remediation efforts, removing wet soils and using 100% recycled concrete to provide retention underneath the new pervious concrete parking area. Inside, we installed cypress siding, MP3 docking stations and a solar water-heating unit. Finally, overall design changes were made to not only make the space lighter and brighter, but to change the perception of what a law office should be.