Ruffner Mountain

When building on this nature preserve, we kept our impact to minimum.

Project Overview

Ruffner Mountain, an 1100-acre nature preserve located on a mountain range south of  Birmingham, is operated as a private non-profit outdoor museum, serving the needs of local schools, colleges and the public at large. Staff members educate visitors through classes, exhibits, day camps and the experience of walking miles of trails through an urban forest and wetland environment.

When it was time to update the property, Stewart Perry served as general contractor, constructing all buildings including the use of native plant landscaping and green roof planting in the process. We were also responsible for the new site infrastructure which included underground fire and domestic water mains, utilities and parking surfaces.

 A safe environment for public use was maintained throughout the construction process, the natural environment treated with care to ensure minimal disruptions. The result is a silver-level LEED certified project, built in close partnership with KPS Group, that will serve the metropolitan area for years to come.