Shoppes at River Run

With close proximity to the Cahaba River, we took extra steps to be good stewards.

Project Overview

The Shoppes at River Run is situated on a small, but complicated site. Because of its location within the flood plain of the Cahaba River, Stewart Perry helped design and implement erosion control measures to ensure protection of the river.

This job presented quite a few challenges, but nothing our team couldn’t overcome. The tight site meant that foundations were located over different sub grades, ranging from directly over the retaining wall to stone backfill to compacted earth and finally, rock.

A stone and mortar retaining wall was built within the flood plain to raise the grade and support a building and a parking lot. Specialized and innovative storm water management features, above the requirements, were installed to ensure a clean and friendly environment for the river.

In addition to the construction aspects of the project,Stewart Perry organized a clean-up effort on the river on and around the area, near the development. Our work won two awards: ABC Excellence in Construction and the Cahaba River Society Watershed Conservation Development Award.