Target Brookwood

With a foundation built in bedrock, we helped an old site reach for new heights.

Project Overview

In 1962, two visions were born: Target Stores and Brookwood Village Mall. Fifty years later, together, we introduced Target Brookwood. 

In an urban location, there’s rarely untouched land. This was the reality when we were challenged with the redevelopment of Broowood’s west end. Our build was the site’s 4th evolution—from an armory to a cinema, later a convenience center and now high-traffic retail. Sandwiched between medical and a regional mall, we beat the space crunch by taking construction vertical. The structure is supported by poured concrete columns, post-tensioned beams and reinforced slabs over parking, with a caisson foundation built into the bedrock of the site. The result is increased density, convenience and community loyalty, all on the upswing.