The Waters Building

Utilizing Adaptive Reuse, we were able to restore the historic Water's Building. This process is utilizing existing structures for purposes other than those initially intended.

Project Overview

Adaptive Reuse is the process of adapting older structures for purposes other than those initially intended. When the original use of a structure changes or is no longer required, as with older buildings then the opportunity to change the primary function of the structure, while retaining some of the existing architectural details that make the building unique.

Along with Brownfield reclamation, adaptive reuse, can also been seen as factors in land conversation and reducing sprawl. Smart growth, more efficient and environmentally responsible. Also at times, adaptive reuse also works combined with historic preservation.

The Water's Building is an example of Adaptive Reuse. Originally built in the late 19th century as a retail building, then over the years since from a boarding house, a plumbing supply business, a confectioner shop, a physician's offices, and a roofing and sheet metal shop. During this conversion we worked closely with the architect, owner and the preservation society in this restoration for the current use as an office building.