Service Experiences with Stewart Perry

We offer commercial construction, civil management and adaptive reuse services. Construction services can be delivered two ways: strategic partnering/negotiated, where we are involved from the concept stage through design and construction, or hard-bid, where we price an existing set of construction documents. Depending on circumstances, each of these delivery approaches can provide the desired end results for our customers.

Strategic Partnering allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of hard bid proposals and a comprehensive approach to delivery. Our management team starts at the concept stage, providing budgets and value concepts as the project moves along through design to the final plans. We think of the various action tasks as being overlapped with all of the partners on the team. We will generally suggest a cost-plus-fee arrangement with a guaranteed maximum contract cost.

Hard bidding provides a set cost compiled from the building plans and specifications provided by our customer or architects and engineers. The concept has potential to provide construction services at a low initial expense and can work effectively in certain situations.

Ideally we have a blend of both types of delivery on going at all times. The hard bid approach allows us to seek out new subcontractor and vendor relationships. This supports our negotiated partner delivery system by deepening our resources.

Whichever approach is selected, the transformation of an idea or existing building into something useful requires a strong mix of technical and management skills.