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More Than One

Every year, there are more regulatory boxes to check and forms to fill out for a job site. However, our number one job is always to ensure anyone who enters our site remains safe. Our project superintendents are on the front line, and we ask them to walk their job “more than once,” looking for opportunities to be safer.

This is our year to work on standards and develop ways to do things over and over again–exactly the same–on every job. Routine. No Exceptions.

In the past, our folks have used a paper pad when walking the site, then filled out a digital form in the job trailer, which is sent to the office. While this method worked, too much time was consumed. That time would be better spent elsewhere.

We’ve recently streamlined the process by adding a mobile application called Fastfield Mobile Forms to our superintendent’s smart phones and iPads. It’s a digital version of our physical form formatted as a checklist. They now use this app as they walk the site. When they save it, it’s automatically uploaded to the cloud. It’s much more efficient and makes everyone more accountable.

The app also allows us to flag follow up items, scheduling reminders to get outstanding issues resolved. This makes it harder for something to fall through the cracks. Superintendents are notorious for disliking paperwork because it takes away from their physical presence onsite. This app lets them more efficiently account for safety and be more in the present, so they really warmed up to the technology.

Safety gets simplified. And more than once every week.


Merrill Stewart Jr.

Merrill Stewart is Founder and CEO of The Stewart/Perry Company, a commercial building contractor based in Birmingham.