Beyond the Build

Team Building

Now More Than Ever, Solid Strategic Partnerships Keep Us Afloat

I cannot imagine these times without the partners who work alongside us. Our folks really need to be multiple places at the same time looking for opportunities. (Since there are fewer opportunities right now.) We cannot do it alone. These partners keep their radar up for us and we gladly reciprocate.

To me, this is not the way everyone in the construction industry does business. Successful organizations are more successful if there are solid partners around them. That certainly is true for our strategic partnerships, from consultants to vendors to subcontractors. There is no doubt that we would not be nearly as successful without the right partners.

We should all be in the boat together. Contractors and designers do not have to be adversaries, nor do subcontractors and vendors. From the beginning, it’s important to ensure you find the correct partner—one capable of doing the job who fits well with your company philosophies. This should not take away from the buy-sell, but be in addition.

Whether it be subcontractors or architects as part of the design-build team at the very start of the project, everyone should have a true common-goal approach.

I have always found getting the right people or companies around you is the foundation for long term success. These partners think about the future, not just extra bucks now. Opportunities and projects will then progress more smoothly and quickly. That, in turn, creates a more positive economic result for everyone.

Do you have the best “key partners”?

Merrill Stewart Jr.

Merrill Stewart is Founder and CEO of The Stewart/Perry Company, a commercial building contractor based in Birmingham.