Beyond the Build

The Weekend


Someone recently asked me which city I have enjoyed of all the cities where we have built over the years. The simple answer is, “They are all good, if you have your health.”

This said, I have come to appreciate, Brewton, a smaller market city in southwest Alabama where we have been managing the construction of a new tech facility. Brewton filled with more educational, medical, and recreational amenities than one would typically find in a community this size. It’s a place where, over several generations, families have broken bread and shared their successes with each other. It’s only about an hour away from the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, giving you access to that lifestyle without the prices and traffic. From the parks to the Christmas displays and the Fall “Witches Ride,”  that makes it unique. There is a nice sense of place in Brewton.

Two of my favorite things about Brewton are the school system and Bushel & a Peck. There is only one school system, so it brings everyone together. When I drive by the playground, children from all ethnicities are playing together, learning from each other. In the summer, there is a family market stand where the kids sells vegetables on the corner at US Hwy 31. If your travels take you to the Gulf Coast this year, consider jumping off the interstate in Evergreen, and taking the scenic 31 route through Brewton, and maybe buy some vegetables at Bushel & a Peck. Both are hidden treasures.

No matter if you make it down that way, maybe we can all incorporate some of these values into our lives wherever we are. We can all get to know our neighbor a little better, spend some extra time taking pride in our community and support the local farm stand.

Merrill Stewart Jr.

Merrill Stewart is Founder and CEO of The Stewart/Perry Company, a commercial building contractor based in Birmingham.