Urban Landfill Redevelopment

In suburban Charlotte, this mall site stayed abandoned for years, and over time, became an unofficial urban landfill. We were able to facilitate a useful redevelopment, first removing approximately 25,000 tons of household waste. For this redevelopment effort, achieving high usability meant construction had to start from the ground up, getting the site back to reasonable environmental standards. We started with the revitalization of 3,000 feet of the upstream creek.

Trash, debris and overgrowth were removed downstream as well, and the addition of structure enhanced the water quality. In the process, approximately three acres of wetlands were created, followed by approximately 80,000 new plantings up and down stream. An extensive underground storm water retention system and a bio retention pond for separating the suspended solids and oils followed. For slope stability and additional water quality, a combination of gabion basket retaining walls, modular block retaining walls, soil nail retaining walls, water quality storm filters, a bottomless arch culvert bridge, permanent turf reinforcement slope stabilization and lime treated subgrade stabilization were all incorporated into the site as well.