Since 1984, retail has been a cornerstone of our business. We have constructed more than 25 million square feet of junior anchor and anchor stores from Texas across to the East Coast. We are well-versed in new builds, closed store remodels and “live remodels,” where the retailer is open for business throughout our work. A much higher degree of skill is required for the latter. Retail projects come in all types and sizes. Over the years, we have built for numerous national retailers as well as local operations. Each has individual wants and needs, and our goal has always been to learn the details and specifics that stand out. We have built new prototypes for our customers as well as carrying out a seasoned set of plans in multiple geographic areas, which maximizes efficiencies and value. In these situations, we deploy the same management team to assist the same customer with a similar type of project. We strive to seamlessly construct a building that will support the customer’s vision as well as continue growth.