Station 22

Old Station 22, a circa 1927 firehouse, sits at the corner of 32nd Street and Clairmont Avenue in Birmingham. We brought the old structure back to life. From an urban design standpoint, Station 22 is one of the most significant places in the city, serving as a link between the Lakeview entertainment district and several historic neighborhoods.

The station sat empty for years, a beautiful old shell without much modern usefulness. The prime location was poised for redevelopment. A grassroots group of citizens partnered with the National Historic Trust to save the fire station building, and position a Walgreen’s store just down the street. New tenants at Station 22 include Triple Platinum Salon and Bogue’s, a local favorite for breakfast food. In the end, Birmingham came together as a community to preserve those things which are unique to the character of our neighborhoods. We were proud to be a catalyst for the restoration.